Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"The Power of Positive Thinking"


I don't get mad at my clients.
I get frustrated with how the message gets twisted.
(No, that's not me ~ lol! ;~D )
This Just Makes Me Furious!

"But I try to think positively!" my client said to me in total exasperation.  She was just sure the reason she was having problems at work was because she was simply not being positive enough about the whole situation. Oh!  Does this just irk me!  I was sorry my client had been torturing herself thinking this way.  This whole "power of positive thinking" stuff is one of the reasons at the top of my list for writing about the things that I do.

Somewhere along the line, the whole message has gotten misconstrued or it was never being given realistically in the first place.  Sure, it's a good idea to try and stay positive in the face of challenges and adversity.  Every little thing helps.  But positive thinking can become a means of denial.  Those new to Spiritual Growth philosophies can easily fall into the trap of blaming life challenges completely on themselves because they think it's all their fault for not thinking the right thoughts.  Inevitably, I see people come to the conclusion that they aren't thinking good, positive thoughts and this is why they are having such a hard time.

It's OK to not think positively about a bad situation.  Sure, our choices get us to where we are in life, but we also need to learn lessons in order to grow.  This is how thinking positively can keep you in denial and stuck right where you are.  Sometimes, we don't move on until we have learned the lessons.  Send everyone involved all the love you want, it helps, but forcing yourself to think positively about a not so good situation keeps things stagnant.  When keeping things the way they are is not what is best for you, all the positive thinking in the world isn't going to change what's really going on.  It may be time to...

 Don't fall into the trap of believing that your thoughts are the total culprit here.  Of course, you will attract what you give out, but you will also outgrow where you are in order to meet up with what is to come.  A situation that is no longer needed for your Personal and Spiritual Growth will sometimes turn ugly if you stick around.  It's a lesson everyone on this path has to learn.  What's worse is, even if a situation is no longer beneficial to your positive growth, there are usually plenty of things about it that are likeable, or you wouldn't be trying so hard to "think positively" about the whole thing.   Maybe you've been clinging to the positive to make it through.  Regardless, it may just be time to let it go.   

My client's job was becoming unbearable.  She knew when she took the job that it was just to carry her through until something more appropriate came along.  Now, four years later, the red flags are flying.  The hours for this job have been perfect for raising her children, which is why she's held on for so long.  We developed an action plan and her perspective has changed. Moving on right now is not right for her, but moving on from the current attitudes she holds and the reactions she has had to confrontations in the work place are what's best.  So, it's not that she wasn't "thinking positively" about the situation, it was simply time to sit down and reevaluate why she was in the situation and what she intended to gain from it.

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