Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Vacation State Of Mind

Time To Slow Down.

If you can't go on a vacation, bring the vacation to you!
I'm 20 minutes from Lake Erie; 20 minutes from healing, relaxing water.

Lift Your Spirit With Music.

Now that I'm focusing on making my passion a business, I find that I take every extra minute I have to focus on it in some way.  As my regular readers know, I work in education, which is simply insane at the end of the year, no matter what facet you work in.  This year I didn't feel nearly as stressed as I have years before.  I am really focusing on caring for my Body Temple now. This, combined with the cooler weather, really eased the usual tensions. 

Most of the time, the first week off I don't know what to do with all that energy.  Last year I started this blog.  This year, I took all that energy and focused on my business 100%.  As a result, my first week off was actually insanely productive.  INSANELY!  So productive, my head aches and my heart is full.

Somewhere in the midst of the week, Ken started messing with the playlists on his computer.  The mission was to create a great rotation for his MP3 player.  Funny thing; he was recording a bunch of CDs I bought when we first started living together.  At this point in my life, I was obsessed with keeping my spirits as uplifted as possible, because, except for Ken, my life was a disaster and I was in the midst of mending things.  I started hearing great, uplifting, relaxing songs from Bob Marley, Ziggy Marley, Sanatana, Blues Traveler and Rusted Root.  Music that forces you to slow down physically and lift up spiritually!

If you are like me, temporarily without a vacation budget, it doesn't mean you have to be depressed and despair over not being able to take a trip and unwind.  I'm planning on finding ways to do this on my own this week.  I'm sure a jaunt up to Lake Erie will be in the plans, otherwise, I'm sticking close to home, I'm not going to work and I'm going to use this great music as a catalyst to engage my vacation frame of mind.

Join me...

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