Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One More Thing...

I Forgot
I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought of other lines to add to It's OK.
To Mention...

More and more I'm finding inspiration for posts from my social networking interactions. As you can see above, after writing, It's OK, another line popped up.  So, I posted it on Facebook and now I want to expand on it a little.  Just a little though, I'm taking it easy this summer ;)

This idea has surfaced a lot in my life the last three weeks or so.  I have been listening to mentors talk about it, some actually weeping because they took so long to invest in themselves.  Then my friend's relationship ended and one of the excuses her gentleman friend gave her was that he was concerned about her school debt; the only debt she has by the way.  She's amazing with money.  At this point I got on my soap box.  There is nothing wrong with investing in yourself.

Then, today I went to Facebook to do the above screen capture
and this popped up in my newsfeed.

I don't know where this originated. 
I found it on Facebook at Positive Vibes

I've seen it make the rounds before and today it really spoke to me.  I'm willing to see where I'm holding back.  It's nice to put it in perspective and acknowledge that it all stems from fear.  The other thing I like about this is that it's a great reminder that in order to give yourself what you've always wanted, you will need to invest in yourself.

From school debt to a simple pedicure, the choices we make with how we invest our money can literally elevate us.  The investment of school debt is obvious, so what's up with this pedicure?  Well, if you are stressed out and not feeling good about yourself, a $35 pedicure in a massage chair can be the difference between hiding at home and feeling sorry for yourself (and probably spending $35 on movies and junk food) , or feeling rejuvinated and centered enough to move forward with whatever you may have not felt worthy enough to pursue. 

That's it.  Short and sweet.  It's OK to invest in yourself.  It's an important step towards living a life where you give yourself everything you've ever wanted.

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