Friday, July 6, 2012

Protect Yourself

Loving Support

A secret Facebook group for readers and their friends.
From A Great Community!

I can't say enough great things about Common Space.  I set it up for readers who were uncomfortable, or unable to post comments to the blog.  My hope was to create an environment where we could discuss spiritual and personal growth ideas without fear of ridicule from those who just don't get it.  But, so much more has happened.

We have counseled members through troubling times.  We have initiated prayer circles for members as well as nonmembers.  We have debated and clarified ideas like the Law of Attraction and affirmations.  We support each other's creative endeavors and pursuance of financial abundance.  And recently we all stepped up to help a member who was struggling with a tough work situation.

Like many of us, she's very empathic and after working at home on her own creative endeavors for an extended period of time, she found herself in a necessary job with some not-so-nice coworkers.  It was very overwhelming for her, and she was also experiencing the stress of  trying to find the new balance of her life.

I've never been so proud!  It was amazing how the group stepped up and shared how they deal with the very same issues.

The big message that came through on the posts (I only posted a portion of what we discussed), is that we have to  be proactive when it comes to our spiritual health.  Just like any aspect of our health (mental or physical), it boils down to our chosen actions.  How will we handle it?  What will we do?

There were a lot of great suggestions given and I remembered a wonderful video I ran across while doing some research a while back.   This is a really, no nonsense approach to protecting ourselves from dangerous  people, as well as those that simply want to drain our energy; "the vampires". I have been in this situation many times and I'm sure I will be many times more.  Each time is different, because each person and combinations of people are different.  Sometimes simply smudging my Self before and after work is enough.  Sometimes I have to really focus on my breathing and staying centered because it is just that chaotic. What I have found to be very true is that, as time goes on, we toughen up to it.  In the beginning it can be quite overwhelming, but as we learn to be proactive in each moment, we build a fantastic, protective foundation to support us in our further growth, both spiritual and personal.
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