Monday, August 27, 2012

Listen To Your Gut

You Already Know The Answer.

Don't ignore that "little voice" from within.
It holds great wisdom and guidance.
Trust Yourself!

You know, there is a glorious freedom involved with growth. Once you learn, understand and truly apply the concept that we all have a path and that other people's perceptions of your path is part of their path, a level of personal independence like no other comes into play.  My favorite phrase, "What other people think of me is none of my business", really becomes clear and choices based on your unique path become effortless.

I had a wonderful conversation with a new friend a month ago. He was stuck. (Isn't the Universe great?  Who better for him to be talking to than someone who helps people get unstuck?) Conventional logic and societal expectation were dictating that he must get a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) because the only way someone could move forward in his field, is with an MBA. But Grad degrees are very expensive if you can't shift your life to accomodate a fellowship (teaching in trade for free education and a small salary).

He couldn't, for the life of him, see any benefit to getting the degree. The cost of the degree compared with the reality that "moving up the ladder" was just a possibility, not a guarantee, was not sitting well with him.  It was feeling like a very risky move given the "new normal" in his work environment, the "new normal" in many work environments these days.

 I told him that's why I put the breaks on my Grad degree and reminded him that he had a few entrepreneurial ventures he was pursuing. If he was doing fine financially and the idea of going back to school made absolutely no sense on his path (a path which includes financial health) then he needed to follow his gut.  I was referring to the part of him that knows without a doubt what the best choice is, for him; his intuition.

 A couple of days later, I got a thank-you from my new friend, via my sister.  He decided to let the degree go and credited the final decision to our conversation.  I thought that was great.  I wasn't really in "coaching" mode at the time and was thrilled to have helped someone put an idea to rest so they could focus on something better.

I was in a quandary myself a few weeks ago.  The intense heat was overwhelming me and making me feel sick.  I felt like I was spinning my wheels and was having no luck with my creative endeavors.  Then I had one of those Smack-Yourself-In-The-Forehead (SYITF) moments and remembered my tried and true method for centering my Self and hearing my Higher Guidance: A Tarot reading.  Then I had another SYITF moment when I realized I hadn't tried my Personal Insight Reading out on my Self yet.

I've used this reading for many people over the last year and not once did it ever occur to me to try it out.  When I was finished, I thought "WOW!  That was a great reading.  Oh, yeah.  Duh.  Of course it is.  This is exactly the type of situation I developed it for."  LOL!  Then the magic kicked in and the creative energy started flowing.  Actually, it was more like a flash flood.

I noticed there was a thought process I was going through in order to hear my intuition as I was doing the Reading.   In a manner of days I developed a workbook to include with my Reading.  The whole "free coaching session" wasn't going over well.  I understand; it was pretty vague.  I want to help my clients take the next step, as well as figuring out what's working, what's not working, etc.  So, I created a workbook that will take the Reading to a higher level and make it a more useful tool in creating life change.  I also spruced up how the Reading itself is presented.  I have other plans in store and this is Phase One of the "New and Improved" Personal Insight Reading.

I'm really excited about this next phase of my purpose.  I'm ALSO really excited because I need to test out the "New and Improved" Reading on some people and get some feedback.  So, be sure you've signed up to get my free eBook, Take Charge of Your Stress, and you will be automatically signed up for my email list. 

 During the month of September I will be offering FOUR FREE Personal Insight Readings, so keep an eye on your email.

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