Monday, August 20, 2012

My Top 10 Favorite Books On Spiritual Growth

You know, for over a year now I've been writing and sharing my journey on the Spiritual and Personal Growth path.  From time to time I refer to the books and authors that have had a powerful influence on my path.  Every book I share came to me at just the right time; exactly when I needed it the most.  For a while now I've been meaning to share the books that have moved me the most.  The books that spoke to my very core and turbo charged my journey.  Well, as they say, there's no time like the present.  So, here they are: The books that changed my life and that I return to again and again.

OK.  I have to be honest. The last several years, I have not resonated with where Stuart Wilde is headed.  But, there was this span of time from the mid 80s to the mid 90s where he wrote a lot of amazing books that really spoke to me.  Affirmations was the first book of his I ever read and is the book I go back to time and again. It not only makes the concept of affirmations make more sense, there is a synopsis of Universal Law (or The Law of Attraction) at the beginning, which I feel is the best explanation ever put in writing.  This book came to me when I was ready to change a reality that was filled with abuse and fear.  It made so many other things I had been reading make more sense.  It brought everything together and I was able to surrender and allow a better reality filled with love.

I soaked up The Celestine Prophecy in one day.  I was told I would either "get it" or I wouldn't.  (Yeah, I used to allow some really jerky people in my space.  Those days are long gone ;)  I picked it up and didn't put it back down until I was done, a testament to James Redfield's wonderful story telling.  With each chapter, I felt my spirit evolve.  Every word made so much sense to me. Time seemed to stand still and I experienced dejavu several times.  This book helped me learn how to truly be in the present moment.  It also taught me how to hear those messages from the Great Spirit I had been struggling to hear.  It healed me and helped me grow.  More importantly, it gave me practical tools I could apply to my life right then and there.  At first it appears to be a typical action/adventure story, but the real nuts and bolts of the book is a process; a way to truly live life as a spiritual journey.

Louise L. Hay, the grande matriarch of the current New Age movement.  I have always loved listening to her affirmations.  She has such a soothing tone to her voice, which, to me, is more healing than the words she is speaking.  You Can Heal Your Life originally started out as a little, reference manual defining the mental patterns we carry and what illnesses they create.  In 1999 Hay added to the book and created a workshop that fits in the palm of your hand.  Not only is the original book included, she has added several chapters which unfold like a personal session with Hay.  It is literally designed to help you change your life, one step at a time.  It is also one of the most beautiful books I have ever owned.  The art is designed to be a healing experience as well.  Don't think you can change?  This book will change your mind.

The Healing Drum was one of those jump-out-at-you purchases.  Most of the books on this list simply came my way.  Some were gifts, some were the benefits of being around someone who's down sizing.  This book spoke to me, I picked it right up and I've never regreted it.  This is a book I return to time and again.  Messages from the Great Spirit are what have always spoken most directly to my soul.  It is filled with small bits of wisdom meant to heal.  Every word in this book speaks to me.  They are timeless and powerful.  If I'm really busy and feeling off center, I randomly flip through its pages and stop exactly where the words I need to hear are.  It's been a blessing and doesn't owe me a dime. ;~D

For me, Illuminata: A Return to Prayer, was the key to truly connecting with and allowing the Universe to unfold. I have always been familiar with the concept of prayer.  Once I started resonating with philosophies outside of Christianity, I found ceremonies and spells to be much more powerful than the prayers I had always recited.  Then this book came my way and turned that whole thought process on its head.  Marianne Williamson has channeled a collection of prayers and  rituals designed to speak to the spirit in all of us no matter what our faith or philosophy.  Not only are there more prayers than you can imagine, she does an amazing job of explaining the true process of prayer.  Prayer is simply a mental process to assist in letting go and allowing the Universe to do its magic.  As a result, it is also a great tool to help connect with your Higher Self.

I got Life Makeovers when I joined a book club because I had seen Cheryl Richardson on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  The whole idea of a year-long, 52  lesson, weekly course seemed doable.  At the time I was stuck in a horrible job.  The only full time employee of a disastrous business brokerage, my boss yelled at me regularly because I let him and because he felt entitled to it.  I had gotten the abuse out of my personal life, this was my lesson to get it out of my work life. Towards the end of my time with this company I started following the weekly lessons presented in this book.  Each week you are given homework to help you shake things up and change your life.  I went overboard one of the weeks and quit my job.  Hey, it fit right in with the lesson.  I also learned another lesson as this was the last time I walked off a job without a back up plan. ;~D

A Return To Love was my introduction to A Course in Miracles.  This book was a wake up call for me.  It was the mirror I had been avoiding for years.  Once I started reading this book, there was no denying that I was not allowing the true, power of Love in my life.  What's so great about this book is that it's like the Cliff's Notes to the Course, which is very detailed and deep.  This book shows the real-life application of the Course.  I didn't realize it at the time, but it was the catalyst to a whole new life.  Several of the books on this list, came my way because I was applying the Course to my life.  This one was a real life changer for me.  I don't necessarily go back and refer to it like I do many of the others on this list, but there's no denying that I recommend this book to everyone.  It's a great barometer for what's truly surrounding you.

This is another jump-out-at-you purchase.  I got my copy 22 years ago so the cover was quite different.  I have to say, this one is much more beautiful.  The Women's Book of Healing is a manual of healing via the unseen energies that surround the body.  It explains the importance and function of the chakras, explains energy and psychic healing, as well as crystal healing.  It covers how to practice these ancient, feminine ways of healing and includes an extensive crystal guide.  This book has supported me time and again.  There is room for balance in the world of healing.  Seeking out a medical professional is important, but I can not stress enough the importance of balancing the unseen energies which surround and are an integral part of our Selves.  It is also a wonderful guide to getting in touch with the feminine.

I picked up this book because I liked the cover.  A hand me down from a downsizing friend, Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self, ended up being exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.  Similar to Abraham-Hicks, this Sonaya Roman has written the ideas channeled from an entity called Orin. It is a course in Spiritual Growth.  Divided into three sections, Orin teaches how to Reach Upward, Open Inward and Expand Outward.  You are guided to take action and each chapter ends with a guided meditation.  These meditations are designed to build upon what you have just learned and help you apply the concepts in your life.  The chapter on the Void helped me through a very uneasy time in my life.  I synopsized that chapter and carried it with me in a notebook.  I would refer to it every time I felt unsure or off balance.

Shamanic Wisdom  helped the whole idea of medicine in the Native American tradition make sense.  It brought together who I was.  It made my whole life up to that point make perfect sense.  It enabled me to go back, revisit the difficult times in my life and see where I was simply being made stronger.  Being on the outside, looking in is not necessarily a bad thing.  If you channel the experience properly, you learn to operate at a more accelerated level than others.  Understanding our true connection to the Earth and the Universe which surrounds it, a whole new world is opened up.  The ancient tradition of animal and plant medicine can still be practiced.  After awhile you realize that the process is carried out even in the man made things that come our way.  God, Great Spirit, The Universe, whatever you call it is in constant communication, you only have to listen.

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