Monday, September 17, 2012

All You Have To Do Is Ask

Sometimes The Universe Answers

No waiting and intensive visualizing needed
to manifest this intention.

Right Away!

Remember the video from the last post?  I was in total, creative mode with my Sacred Work Space.  I finished the video.  I sat the camera down.  I looked around my office and living room and thought "You know, I've been meaning to get some nice, pillared candles forever now.  I need to hit some yard sales."

Then I walked out on to my porch, looked down and saw my downstairs neighbor was having a yard sale in our front yard.  She had just started setting it up and sitting on her main table were the two sets of candles in the above picture.  Again, seriously, you can't make this stuff up.  $200 worth of candle accessories for $20. As for my Sacred Work Space, it's coming together...

That's Zizzy on the left and Buddy on the right.

A bird's eye view, room for lounging and room for hanging out with Marla
as she creates, without having  to worry about getting stepped on.

Also a perfect spot for meditating and for access to a pet on the head whenever needed.

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