Monday, September 10, 2012

Financial Miracles

Learning How To Manifest

OK.  Maybe calling it "mean" isn't the best phrase
for prosperity consciousness ;~D
The Mean Green!

All right! Another true story from my tales of learning The Art of Financial Prosperity.  I tell these stories, not to gloat, but to show the possibility.  Possibilities that can not come to be if we don't let go and allow things to unfold.

The summer started off shaky again.  No job and no unemployment.  I knew it was coming, applied for several jobs and applied some serious spiritual healing towards our finances.  I also knew holding on to my current reality, fretting and stewing over the uncertainty, was not the way to go. So I pulled out the "big guns" and started doing some serious healing and subconscious, suggestion, meditation stuff.

A week after my last day of work, Ken got side swiped on his way out to run an errand.  I did not handle it well at all.  I was cussing like a sailor over the phone, telling him what to tell that lady about hitting our car and messing up our lives.  I was inappropriate, irate and inconsolable.  "What sort of effed up crap is this?!!" I thought.  "I need financial miracles, not financial burdens!"

 Finally, I stepped back, asked what I was supposed to learn from this situation and I was reminded that I was being given an opportunity to let go, so I did.  Easier said than done when it comes to your transportation, but I applied myself to the process because I knew better.

 Turned out to be a total loss due to the rust on the car (it's a 1995 Honda Civic and I love it).  Again, I was wondering why?  Here I was again (this is how we ended up with the Civic) with a totaled car and not enough money on the value to get anything decent.  And besides, I didn't want to get rid of the car. It drives great. Even the mechanic who put the estimate together was amazed and said he would take my car to Florida and back in a heart beat (The boys in his shop referred to my car as, Beauty, because it never has been the best looking car and the big scrape didn't do it any favors. LOL!).

 Then, thanks to my amazing insurance agent, I discovered that there is something called a Salvage Total where I get to keep the car and get partial blue book payment so I can fix it myself. The thing is, I'm not proud. The scrape's not that bad, so we decided not to fix it and used the money to get through the summer.  The Salvage Total limits our driving, but we don't care right now.  As long as we can get to work and run our errands, everything will be fine.

I was in the middle of a brainstorming session and just for yuks, I clicked on my bookmark for Reiki Blessings Academy and started surfing the site.  I'd been looking for some direction. I like what I'm doing here with my blog and business, but I knew there was more in store for me.  Then it popped up; their spiritual healer training program.  This was it.  I knew in my heart it was the next step for me.  The price is right and the program is fantastic.  The first level of training is $300 for six classes, which includes a 10% discount for purchasing all the classes at once.  So I put my desire out to the Universe.  

I was very specific, "I need $300, unexpected income, by the end of August."  I went to work with the meditations and visualization.  Soon I was prompted to rethink the whole idea.  It would be easier if I just took one class at a time.  I'm OK trading the 10% for less hassle.  A weight was lifted and my new path is now clearer and doable.

Then I thought about the week's worth of  manifesting work I had put into the $300.  It occurred to me that $300 unexpected income would be nice regardless of what I intended to use it for. So, I continued with the meditations and visualizations.  I wasn't as dedicated as I had been at the beginning, but I did make sure I focused on it everyday, in some way.

 Two weeks before I thought I was to return to work, my agency contacted me with part time sub work for a YMCA food program.  Soon after that I was given a permanent spot, due to someone dropping out.  Then, a week later, I found out my school is starting earlier this year. It all clicked. This was me allowing the Universe to do its thing.

 I added up the numbers.  It comes out to $285 after taxes.  I'm not kidding.  You can't make this stuff up.  $285.  It reminded me of the clip in the movie, The Secret, when Jack Canfield talks about visualizing $100,000 every morning and by the end of the year he had manifested $97,000.  He says something like, "Do you think we were upset about only making $97,000?".  The whole situation made me chuckle and is showing me that, for me, taking The Art of Financial Prosperity in baby steps might just be the piece to the puzzle that's been missing.

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