Friday, September 21, 2012

Summer Reflections

A Great Summer With

Quality time with my beautiful, newly teen-aged  niece
led to a creative reminder.
With An Unexpected Gift.

Since this is the last day of Summer 2012, I thought I'd share one of my favorite parts about this past summer with my wonderful, supportive readers.  I spent a lot of time with my youngest niece this summer.  She turned 13 in July and it was so refreshing to be around her.  The enthusiasm and excitement about the simplest things that a young girl has is a nice reminder of the magic and gifts the Universe has to offer.

It was wonderful being able to spend so much time with her.  We love to do a lot of the same things.  We love to watch the same cooking and decorating shows on television.  She was a sweetie and let me write, and I let her surf and dream on the Internet.  She decided to redecorate her room at her dad's house and asked everyone to give her money for her birthday to accommodate the changes.  She used her Internet time at my house to price and design the changes
We watched a lot of Barbie DVDs and tween movies starring Miley Cirus and other sweet little faces whose names I can't remember.  We cooked all of our meals.   We also did our best to exercise, but the intense July heat got in our way towards the end.

She's a doll and was perfectly fine with 
being in Auntie's video blogs.

But most importantly, we played with the cats.

During all this girl time, I was given an unexpected gift. A reminder of a forgotten creative talent which had completely slipped my mind. We spent a couple of days making beaded necklaces.  It was toward the end of a very detailed necklace that I received an answer from the Universe.  I had surrendered my frustration over selling my photography.  I knew I had creative gifts to share, but I wasn't sure what or how. I used to make my own jewelry.

I started when I was 17 and somewhere after 30 I just plum stopped and forgot about it.  I had forgotten how much I love making beaded necklaces and I also remembered that I had dabbled in hemp twine jewelry (see the picture at the top) before I stopped. I simply just forgot I loved doing this.  I forgot how much other people liked my jewelry.  I forgot that I can totally lose myself in the process and I forgot how fulfilling it is to finish something so beautiful.

Then my older niece sent another nudge my way...

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