Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Strength Through Courage.

A leap of faith...

The Gift Of Fear.

This is one of those posts that has been months in the making.  I threw some ideas together and then, next thing I knew, several blogs I follow started adressing fear.  Not all at once either.  One would address, I'd back off, come back to finish it up, then another one would bring it up.  Ironically, it was the fear of plagiarizing, or having similar ideas that kept me from moving forward. How silly is that?

Unless it is something that will put you in harm's way, or negatively affect your life, or the lives of your loved ones in some way, fear is simply an emotion signaling that "this is something that must be done."

"So," you may ask, "how do I do it if I'm scared?"

Hate to sound like a heartless meanie, but you just have to dive in: take a leap, close your eyes, hold your breath and jump.  I did this the first time I jumped off of a high dive platform into a 14 foot pool.  I was a little kid; couldn't have been more than nine or so.  I knew I would be safe, but I was still filled with fear.  So, I walked up to the edge of the platform, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and jumped in.

You're not going to be consumed by some great wave of courage before embarking into the unknown.  Courage is earned. Courage is built from facing fears. It rarely makes itself available when it's time to face fear. Courage builds strength and it is what we take with us from the experience into our newly transformed life.

Don't let it freeze you.  If you are not in  imminent physical danger, acknowledge the feeling of fear as your psyche letting you know that something you've never experienced before is coming up around the corner.

Deal with the physiology. Take deep breaths, meditate, take time to focus on what needs to be done and thank fear for letting you know it's time to move.

If  you are frozen by fear and aren't' living your life, it's time to get some professional help.  It's not good to live in fear all the time.  It could be hormonal, it could be depression.  Regardless, it's no way to live and you can do something about it.  Even Barbara Streisand, as amazing a talent as she is, at one point in her life, was struggling with stage fright and couldn't perform.  The physiological side affects were getting in her way and she sought professional help.  With the aid of some meds, she was back performing.

If, as mentioned, it does not cause you physical harm, fear is a signal that it's time to move forward.    It's the ego's last ditch effort to keep the status quo. "Hey!"  It thinks, "If I can keep you from harm's way with these emotions, I wonder if I can keep you from applying for that great job?  'Cause you know I don't like change."

I think View co-host, Sherri Sheppard, said it best right after she found out she had been voted off Dancing With the Stars.  "The thing that scares you the most. This thing you think you can not do. Run towards it because it's so amazing once you get to the other side."

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