Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Benefits Of Anger

I've always been partial to Ed Norton as the Hulk ;~D
Photo courtesy of VillageConnector.com

I was watching a movie with Ken as I was looking for a  photo for this post and collecting my thoughts (I've mentioned before that I often watch movies while I write.)  We were watching The Avengers and I was getting a little frustrated with how the photo was coming together. Nothing I did seemed right for the message I was trying to relay.  Then,  I looked up at the television and saw Dr. Bruce Banner slowly starting to turn into the Hulk.  I let out a belly laugh at the coincidence and started my search for a photo of the Hulk, the ultimate symbol of anger.

As with our good buddy, the Hulk, anger is usually seen as an uncontrollable emotion; uncivilized and to be avoided at any cost.  It is often viewed as unspiritual.  It's listed as one of the lower emotions, frowned upon by many practitioners of the Law of Attraction. To allow such a negative emotion to occupy your mind is to attract that very same negativity. Also, many people feel it creates the bad feelings that lead to risky, self destructive choices, which makes me think of the Anger Management program we had for a few of our students last year.

Taking these students to their weekly meeting was always a bit comical.  The yelling and accusations on the way to their designated room would echo all over the building.  How dare we make them do something they didn't want to do!  With clenched fists and loud voices, they declared their Constitutional Rights while swearing and punching the walls. It was all we as a staff could do to keep from laughing.  No.  They didn't need Anger Management counseling.  Not at all. ;~D

All kidding aside, this is how most of us view anger.  We associate it with the unmanaged anger that leads to red faced intensity and poor, unproductive choices.  The self destructive actions of anger unchecked.

The good news is, there is a major upside to anger. An upside, which will lead to great strides in Personal Growth if you seriously contemplate your anger and apply its lessons.  An upside, that can actually assist you in attracting what you desire into your life.

  • Like jealousy, anger is a great reflection of what you are not allowing to shine.  By pinpointing what is making you angry and why, you can create a plan for changing that part of your life.  Allowing this insight to be heard, will enable your life to grow by leaps and bounds.  You can turn whatever is making you angry around and make specific choices to bring out your inner light.

  • Speaking from experience, anger is also a great way to make your personal relationships, romantic or otherwise, stronger.  Once you are able to determine what's making you angry, repairing the rift it is causing, makes the relationship much stronger than it was before.  The relationship benefits from searching for solutions, together, thus making a more solid bond.

  • Anger has also arrived to move you to the next level.  It can provide the energy needed to keep on striving towards your goals, no matter what is standing in your way.  It provides the personal power needed to manifest your intentions in a big way.  You can increase your motivation by harnessing anger's energy in a positive way.  It will give you that extra oomph to get  over the hurdles life will inevitably send your way.
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