Friday, October 5, 2012

The Shower Spa

Part of my daily foundation ~ my Morning Moment.

As you can see by the headline at the top of the blog, this month is all about dealing with uncomfortable emotions and situations.  The last post covered making it through a bad situation you may not be able to leave right away.  The rest of this month is going to be dedicated to the "ugly" emotions.  The emotions we don't like to admit to or acknowledge.

When it comes to the uncomfortable and stressful days that can accompany times like these, it is always important to be sure you are patient with your Self and focus on your Self care.

If you've read my eBook, Take Charge of Your Stress, you know I credit a solid morning routine to observing the stress in my day and not getting caught up in it.  This video blog is all about how I turn my shower into a Spa-like moment.

These are the links to my favorite products, available in Marla's Market:

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    P.S! As you can see,  I'm on now!  
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