Monday, November 19, 2012

Create Prosperity While Getting Where You Need To Go

Reducing gas consumption is a great way to control the budget. There are several ways to accomplish this goal and everyone will have their individual way of cutting back based on their priorities and resources.  I mentioned in the introduction to this series that Ken and I drive a much older car.  We have no car payments and get thirty miles to the gallon.  She's a little worse for wear, but our car is awesome and is helping us shift A LOT of money so we can pursue our dreams.  The following tips will show you ways to get more money out of your transportation budget, so you can spend it on what you truly value.

  • Pay cash for your car.  This gets rid of monthly car payments that carry a hefty interest rate.   Not having a lean on your car will also reduce your insurance rate.  This will leave you only being responsible for repairs, which you can do yourself, pay a friend to do or support your local, ethical mechanic.  All three options will put more money in your pocket.
This is her "good" side ;~D
  • Mileage beats beauty.  As far as I'm concerned, I'll drive my dinged up, 190,000 mile, 1995 Honda Civic until it no longer makes sense.  I will easily be able to get another 100,000 miles out of this car.  Of course, if you are in the position to purchase a hybrid or an automobile that runs on something other than gasoline, you will decrease your carbon footprint even more, creating money to shift towards your dreams.
  • Make use of public transportation.  Ken takes the bus to work.  If you live in a community with decent, public transportation, take advantage of it and watch your bank balance stabilize.  Purchase bus tokens or monthly passes to decrease the cost of this option even more.
  • Carpool to work. It's an oldy but a goody. With the highly unstable cost of gasoline, splitting the gas budget with neighbors can release some finances in your direction, getting you closer to your goals.  Plus, in larger cities, you will be able to use the carpool lane on the expressway.  This will get you to work quicker, with fewer stops, therefore using less gas and putting less wear and tear on your car.
  • Batch your trips. Plan errands around commutes to and from work or around other outings. Do as much as you can every time you go out.  Avoid "quick runs" out to purchase impulse items and things that can wait until you go out for some other reason.
  • Tune up!  Keep your car's tires inflated as well as ensuring that all fluids are topped off.   Change your oil regularly and keep an eye on those spark plugs.  This will reduce the amount of gas your car uses.  Do these tune ups yourself and shift even more cash towards your dreams
  • Walk or ride a bike.  This is pretty self explanatory, so I want to share what my coworker has done with his bike.  He has motorized it.  It is gas fueled and he gets 100 miles to the gallon.  I've seen other motorized bikes popping up in my community.  I get giddy thinking of all the money that's being shifted in these peoples lives with this simply choice.

OK, boys and girls.  That's today's tips and tricks for creating more cash to shift towards your dreams.  Shower what you value with financial abundance and watch your life become even grander than you ever imagined.

P.S. ~ Not Sure What It Is You Truly Value?  Click Here For Three Free Worksheets I Created To Help You Out! :)

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