Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Art Of Financial Prosperity

I've had no qualms about sharing my financial struggles.  I'm living in a part of the country that is recovering from an economic depression, not just a recession.  We are close to Detroit and our economy is very reliant on the auto industry. Seeing my plans (you know, the ones that get laughed at ;) disintegrate, made me realize that there must be something else I was meant to get out of the last ten years other than a degree and a better paying job.  The degree happened, the job, has not.

I've learned a lot about my Self and money since the economy first took a tumble.  I've learned a lot about human nature and I've learned a lot about the "fiscal flow" of the Universe.  Everything I've learned, I've applied to my life and the most miraculous things have happened.  I always knew I wanted to share what I've learned, I just always figured I'd wait until "I had something to show for it". You know, a better car, a better place to live, a better job, etc.  What I didn't see was, even though I don't have those "things",  I DO have something to show for it:  

  • When people in my community were dealing with the reality of no income, the lucky ones moved in with family, the rest lived on the streets. Ken and I did not lose our independence or our apartment.
  • When people in my community were at a loss as to how to generate an income, you could see the hopelessness and the mental "giving up" in their faces (as well as the rise in crime).  Ken and I started brainstorming ways to be more Self Sufficient.
  • When couples were divorcing because of their financial circumstances, the people closest to us had no faith that our situation would change and tried to encourage us to "separate" because we seemed to be dragging each other down financially.  Ken and I didn't listen, are still together and our relationship is stronger than it's ever been.
  • When people around us were draining their retirement funds to survive; Ken and I were building pensions.
  • When people around us, in our same financial circumstances, were only focusing on the practical things; Ken and I were taking care of the financial basics AND manifesting all sorts of possessions and  experiences that others were "doing without".
  • While people in my community are grateful to be back to work at jobs which pay the bills, but don't necessarily feed their souls; Ken and I get up and go to jobs that, though they may not be perfect, feed our souls.
  • I can see that many in my community feel "trapped" by their circumstances.  We have been experiencing a freedom greater than we ever could have imagined.

We were able to achieve all this by honoring what we valued, even when things looked the bleakest.  This month, I am going to share all sorts of "little things" you can do to maneuver your income towards the life you want, which will only assist in helping you create a foundation to allow the the financial abundance you are truly entitled to.
P.S! As you can see,  I'm on now!  

P.P.S. ~ Not Sure What It Is You Truly Value?  Click Here For Three Free Worksheets I Created To Help You Out! :)

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