Monday, January 7, 2013

Did You Get Your Gift?

Have you downloaded your free calendar yet?  You can print it out and hang it up, or keep it on your desktop to refer to.  I've had several readers ask and the answer is, YES! You can even pin notes and label important dates.  Here, I'll show you how...

First of all you need to download the calendar, if you haven't already. Simply click below for instant access.

Once you've saved the calendar to your computer, you can start personalizing it. 

You can add text to your calendar by clicking on the "Sign" link in the upper right hand side of your menu bar.  

Click on "Sign" and you will see the menu bar on the right appear.  Click on "Add Text"

A floating bar will appear.  Click on "Add Text" in the floating bar.  This will make an eye beam appear that you can place anywhere on your calendar.  This is also when your formatting and text options become available.  Simply click "Add Text" on the floating bar once you are finished.

You can also leave little notes for yourself.  It's as easy as 1-2-3
1.  Click on the yellow bubble
2.  Then click to place the bubble where you'd like
3.  Once you click the "sticky note" will appear for you to fill in.

Then just click on the bubbles in the future to read the details.

Save the changes by first closing the calendar.  Then you will see the above prompt.  
Click "Yes"

Then click "Save" when the next screen pops up.  Or change the name of your updated Calendar if you need different calendars for different purposes, then click "Save".

Answer the following prompt "Yes" to save the calendar for future reference.


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