Monday, January 21, 2013

Wisdom From Manifesting

I went to an amazing get together not too long ago.  There I met a new friend who shared his life with ease.  He had finally achieved a dream.  A dream he had held on to for years.  Through thick and thin he never let go and finally, he purchased his own farm.  A professor at a huge university, this farm, filled with trees, was his deepest intention, manifested in the midst of international, economic chaos.  Then he shared some more.

There were some horrible thunderstorms this past summer, and his farm was right in the path.  The State came in and removed the biggest trees that had fallen, but the rest was up to him.  He said, "There have been many days when I've had to have my teaching assistant start class without me because another storm, or just wind, will knock a branch off a tree and I can't get off my property."  When he's at home, after his papers are graded, he goes out onto his property and cuts away at the fallen trees.  This has been going on for months.  "All I do is go to work, cut lumber, eat and sleep".

It made me wonder.  This is not the first time I've heard of someone achieving their dreams, only to be met with intense life challenges.

You know the expression, God never gives you more than you can handle?  Well, lately I've really been beginning to truly understand what that means.

Looking back on my life, and viewing the lives of my friends, I can see where, achieving a dream or goal has laid the foundation for the ability to cope with a greater challenge and life lesson.

I teach how to manifest dreams, so why would I be talking about all of the bad things that can happen once we achieve them?  Well, that's not what I'm doing, because manifested dreams don't always lead to challenges.  Most are meant to be enjoyed and applied to our lives to make our journey a little smoother.

But, no matter what, you will always be given what you need, exactly when you need it.  This I can say for a fact.  And if you have been spending your life manifesting the love and support you truly desire, these challenging times, though they may be rough, will lift you up to a wiser more confident place.

We laughed and laughed as my new friend described how his original morning commute of fresh green pastures, rows of trees and quiet roads had turned into, protective face masks, chainsaws, hatchets and pocket knives.  Not quite what he had imagined, but he has everything he needs to handle it and will be stronger and wiser for it when the last of the trees have been cleared.

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