Friday, February 22, 2013

Change Your Perspective

It's so important to change your perspective.  It's so important to seek out new points of view. It's good to seek out people who have differing opinions, just to make you stretch out of your comfort zone.  It's good to listen to different types of music.  Even simply sitting in another spot than you normally do at lunch or taking a different route on your way home can freshen things up.

Personally, I like going to  Lake Erie and looking at the horizon line.  When you live in the city and spend a lot of time on the computer, your eyes muscles become used to only being used a certain way.  This will affect your perspective.  It can lead to a perspective where you become more invested in what's right in front of you.  This can lead to missing opportunities and becoming stagnant. This will also affect your prosperity.

When I sit by this huge lake and force my eyes to focus on the horizon, at first I can't.  At first it seems impossible to get my eyes to move in another way.  The horizon always looks fuzzy and sometimes, I can feel extreme eye strain.  Then my eyes will water a little, forcing me to relax my eye muscles a bit.  Then, eventually, it all comes into view and I take it all in, making little mental snap shots for when I need to envision more than what is right in front of me.  When I need to envision "never ending".  When I need to envision "more than enough".
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