Thursday, February 7, 2013

Moving On...

I knew it.  I knew it when my downstairs neighbors moved in.  I knew it as soon as I saw their cars.

I knew it when I started cleaning out our car.  I knew it when our car started needing more repairs.  I knew it the day I'd had enough of our complacency   I knew it the day Ken and I started discussing how we were going to clean and fix up the car.  I knew it the day we were happily discussing the money we were going to shower upon our friend when he fixed our breaks and alignment.

I knew it the day my boss joked, "Oh!  Tell Ken he needs to buy you a new car."  I knew it the day my students saw my car and started laughing. I wasn't embarrassed   I didn't feel the need to justify.  I just knew.  I knew that all of the work I've been doing to align my Self with my highest and best was starting to bear fruit.

Our Car Does Not Reflect Who We Truly Are

The head gasket cracked.  Not knowing this, I still drove my car to work.  On the way there it really started giving me trouble.  I had left my cell phone at work and had no way to contact anyone.  I had to do what I could to get to work.  The engine light came on.  I started praying and petting the dashboard.

"Please.  Please.  Please.  Get me to work safely.  Just get me to work."

I surrendered and allowed no thoughts in my head other than driving safely into the parking lot at work.  I got my signs that I was safe and all was in Divine Order. (The Universe likes to communicate with me via billboards and license plates when I'm driving).  I was completely surrounded by love and light.  I stayed in the flow and the car stopped, at a stop sign, off the main, heavily traveled streets, right by a little apartment complex.

I tried starting it a couple of times.  Nothing.  I was about a mile from work.  I would have to walk.  Mornings are a hard time for people to stop and help.  I got out of the car and said to myself, "I'll just have to leave it here. People will figure it out."  

Then the blessings REALLY started to unfold...

As I got out of the car.  I looked up and saw a truck on the opposing side of the street, waiting its turn at the stop sign.  Even though it was very dark, I recognized that it was the maintenance man from my school.  He pulled into the apartment complex, helped me get the car off the road and took me to work.

I work in a very small building.  Word travels fast.  Several coworkers checked to see if they lived close enough to give me a ride.  The student teacher in our classroom actually lives a couple of blocks over from me. And someone even offered to loan me money for repairs.

At the end of the day, my parents came to pick me up.  The maintenance man was in the parking lot and checked in with them to see if I was OK.  Then he asked how things went with the car.

The verdict:  Our amazingly ethical mechanic (yet another blessing) has advised us to quit putting money into the car.  It is time to say goodbye.

No More!

We are finished making do.  We are finished "not being proud".  We are finished saying, "Yeah, but she gets us where we need to go."  We are finished "not letting it get to us."  We are finished settling because "that's all the money we had." We are simply finished.

This is not who we are anymore.  We have chosen to jump into the Void and go without a car until we have enough money for what truly suits us; because all is in Divine Order.

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