Monday, February 4, 2013

Prosperity Porch

One year, I set up the Sacred Space on my front porch specifically for generating prosperity.  From candles, to stones, to the fung shui of the items I placed on the tables and in the cubbies that surround my porch; everything was what it was and where it was to generate prosperity.

I am blessed to have this awesome outdoor space, which has been my refuge and solace from the world and I made this little spot that, I hoped, vibrated and created abundance and prosperity. A bright, little bubble that hovered above everything else.  A healing space, where, once you left, your vibration would hopefully be clearer, more defined and tuned into allowing prosperity.

Being too close to the project, I was never quite sure if the space I had created was doing its job, but I continued to use it anyway.  Then, one day, a good friend who had found himself, momentarily, without a home, spent the night out on The Prosperity Porch when I offered a place to land if he ever needed it.

He loves the outdoors, and was open to sleeping on the porch.  He also gets metaphysics, and was eager to embrace the space I had made.  He only stayed one night.  The next morning I asked him how he felt.  He said he felt fantastic.  He already had a great prosperity consciousness and mentioned that he felt more focused.

If the next couple of months were any indication, he had also opened himself up to allowing a lot of wonderful things.  A high paying job, an amazing girl friend, a wonderful apartment and so many other fantastic things.  I was amazed.  I knew he'd been in a holding pattern.  I've been without a home of my own.  I know how hard it is to allow when you literally have nothing to stand on.  I was glad to give him the space to "get his mind right".

Even after the economy tanked and he lost his high paying job, he landed a job, in his field, which he embraced and really loved.  He did so well at it that he moved up in the company and is currently a Human Resources representative.

Another lay off.  Another blessing.

After Thanksgiving last year, Ken's department was laid off.  He hated that job, and I was growing weary of the stress it was putting on our relationship.  After a day of being happy, we kicked the self-sufficiency brainstorming into gear and moved forward with a lot of ideas we'd been sitting on.  Then, I called our friend.  I called to see if they were hiring.  He rattled off two job openings and we both agreed right away that Ken was perfect for one of them.  He asked if Ken could get his resume and an application to him that day?  Of course I said, "Sure!"

I sent Ken out to get a haircut (I felt pure elation when Ken was laid off, because now he HAD to cut his
hair.  I don't mind long hair on a man.  I just don't like it on Ken ;) and pick up the  application, while I stayed at home and updated his seriously outdated resume.  I also wrote him a kick ass cover letter. He dropped the application and resume off, in person, and it was on our friend's desk by 3pm that afternoon.  We sat down that evening and did a high five.  We're a great team.

Ken was working his new job five days before Christmas, three weeks after the other one let him go.  This new job is great for him physically.  He will be respected with many benefits after a probationary period.  Finally, it would be very unlikely that he would ever have to deal with a lay off and he will be able to move up because they hire from within.

While we were waiting for the job to arrive and begin, Ken and I both made money.  We made it on our own, by sharing our passion, what we're good at, what we love and what we're knowledgeable in, with our community,both virtual and local.  Prosperity manifested during a very uncertain time.

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