Monday, February 11, 2013

The Loud Nudge

I've been on the fence.  I have been able to save up enough money to take my sustainable trip to Ann Arbor, MI, to visit my "brother of another mother" and his husband, the fantabulous, Barry Lipscomb.  I'm not far from the local Greyhound station and neither are they.  I can take the bus to Ann Arbor and easily walk to their apartment, making the carbon footprint of my journey almost non existent.

We are saving up for a car, which is more reflective of who we are.  There's a huge part of me, which says, "That money should go toward the car."  Then the side of me that knows I need to take this little weekend jaunt, to lift my spirit, speaks up, but not nearly as loudly. "You deserve this.  You need to do this!"

The answer.

I tried out one of those DVD vending machines over the weekend.  I found a great science fiction movie we'd been looking forward to seeing and I went on searching for at least one more movie.  All I could find was a couple of Chick Flicks, neither of which I was pressed to see.  I chose the one with Meryl Streep in it and went on my way.

When I kicked back to watch my movie, I realized I had selected the wrong one.  I picked "The Five Year Engagement", which I've always said I was going to wait to check out of the library because I'd heard it was cute, but not that good.  I was baffled for a moment, but went ahead because I love Judd Apatow's movies and knew there would be several moments to make it worth my while.

As the movie progressed, the main characters found themselves living in Ann Arbor.  I started laughing at the coincidence; at the loudness of the Universe's nudging. I immersed myself in the various scenes of the University of Michigan's main campus, remembering when this place had been my refuge.

Then, as if the message wasn't coming through clear enough, Jason Segel's character ends up getting a job at the world famous, Zingerman's Delicatessen and Bakery.

Why does this make it clearer?

My "brother" and Barry live right across the street from Zingerman's.

Yeah.  I think this one is a No-Brainer ;~D

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