Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Years!

Hooray!  This marks the two year anniversary of

Yes, I realize there are three candles on my birthday cake.  I did actually begin this on another platform ( and I've decided it's about time I include the year I spent there, as well.

So, what have I been up to since last March?

Well, I learned that January to May are insane for me, working in education.

This means I have to think ahead as this is the only way to keep from feeling overwhelmed.

 Mid June 2012, I fully committed to creating a business from my bliss, with this blog being home base.

During the summer I started sharing previews of my cookbook (coming soon) and focused on how I could best share my gifts with the world.

Out of that came Phase One of my new Personal Insight Reading.

I knew I needed to test it out and I went straight to my supportive email tribe and started doing readings.

Some were for winners of a contest I ran in September, and some I was just moved to do.  I learned a lot and I'm really looking forward to applying it all to Phase Two.

I did my best to maintain a regular writing schedule and discovered the art of the "theme" as a great way to stay ahead and stay focused.

This process birthed two theme months during October and November.

In October I explored the lower emotions and how they can actually help you design the life you desire.

I really have an issue with the whole Law of Attraction idea of avoiding the lower emotions.

If you dig through them, you can actually propel yourself further, which led to my first mini-workshop, Transforming Jealousy.   Check it out and download it for free.

The beauty and vibrancy of this year's fall totally inspired exploring The Art of Financial Prosperity.

During the month of November I shared all sorts of different ways to "shift your money" so you can truly commit to your dreams and goals.

I am also proud to say that I came out of my shell and really got in there and did some video blogging as well.

An emotional Holiday Break saw me dealing with my grief through my writing, the outcome of which unfolded in January and February.  

Finally, I am very proud that I completed my Take Charge of Your Stress KIT!

Bit by bit, throughout the year, I finished each part of the kit, which debuted at the end of January.

This kit is filled with all the tools you need to take charge of your stress and create more room for your dreams.

I spent most of the last year truly engaging in the process of surrendering, engaging and creating.

Resulting in constant change, growth and direction I never could have discovered on my own.
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