Monday, April 29, 2013


Only six hours.

I was completely refreshed and eager to enjoy the few hours I had left, since my bus left at 11:30 AM.

I stepped into my own, personal, guest bath and turned on a steamy shower.

I had brought my oils with me, so I was ready to relax, refresh and energize.

Eric had a great idea.

He put all sorts of little, trial-size toiletries in a box.

Anything I had forgotten was right at my fingertips.

In fact, I was so curious to try the products in the box, I didn't use much of my own stuff.

After I got dressed, I sat in the living room and meditated for about thirty minutes.

When I finished, I poked my head outside.

I saw something you don't see quite often.

Zingerman's, without a line wrapped around the side of the building.

It was Easter Sunday morning.

People were in a different "place".

Eric and Barry got up and we walked to a diner for breakfast.

It was chilly, the sun was gone and there was a light, rainy mist in the air.

A Change of Plans and a Gift

While eating breakfast, the guys offered me a ride to Ken's mom's, so I wouldn't have to ride the bus back to Toledo and drive back again.

I made the proper phone calls and arrangements, then settled even more into the relaxing morning.

We returned to the apartment and I was rewarded with something more special than I ever could have imagined.

Like the comfort of a long relationship, I discovered the comfort of an old friendship.

The three of us sat around, quietly reading the New York Times and playing with the cat.  

We didn't chat much at all.

 Simply enjoyed spending time with connected hearts and like minds.

(The End)

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