Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dinner Magic!

On our way back form our energizing hike, we ran into Eric.

We went shopping for dinner and headed home so Eric could do his magic.

He is opening his own restaurant and I was treated to a couple of the dishes he is thinking of serving.

The kale salad was astounding!

Fresh, light and nourishing.

A mutual friend of ours ended up coming over to share some music he had recorded.

We reminisced about our fun times in the late 80s, imitating some of the characters that were around at that time.

Wondering where the characters are today?

Remembering friends who had passed away.

We were having so much fun, we didn't go to Crazy Wisdom and stayed in.

We turned in a little after midnight and I could not sleep.

I was buzzing with all the heightened, elevated energy that only Ann Arbor can provide.

I could feel my "cup" filling up.

It was bright and wonderful.

(End Part IV)

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