Thursday, May 9, 2013

How To Make Herbal Remedies

Learning about the healing benefits of herbs and herbal medicine is often a life altering, if not at least eye opening experience for most people.

I know I spent months collecting lists, reading books and comparing research, so that I could come to my own conclusion as to what would work best for me.

Becoming a more educated consumer, also benefited my pocketbook once I learned that I did not need to purchase high end herbal remedies.

I knew what the basic herbs were in the high end product, and I purchased them separately as tinctures and teas. I felt like a genius the day I figured that out.

And as time with my new lifestyle progressed I eventually came to the same conclusion as I do with all things consumable in my home:

How do I make this myself?

How do I make this more sustainable?

This method of healing was around long before modern medicine came along. How did healers and doctors administer their medicine?
The answer is quite simple. 

The teas, tinctures, oils and salves that fill the shelves at your local Whole Foods are exactly how these remedies have always been administered. 

It's much more economical to make them at home compared to purchasing even teas and tinctures in the store. 

The final price can be a fourth of the cost in some cases. And, as always, the containers can be reused, therefore making the process more sustainable as well as economical.

The next three posts are going to be "How To" posts.  Posts to help you pursue alternative ways to heal your Self while honoring your finances and the world around you.

Following are several of the pages I used to create this series.  

I hope you enjoy it!
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