Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Transition...

I've done a lot of studying and working with mentors this year, to help me become Self sufficient and turn all of this into a thriving business.

There were so many areas where I was right on track.

There were also many areas where I needed to catch up with the times. (Things move quickly in Internet time.)

So, I went through a small bout of depression because I thought some projects I had gotten started on were a waste of time and weren't going to pan out.


I've been trying to catch up with my original business plan.  

Not surprisingly, things are unfolding quickly.

I'm finishing what I started and it's all going to be simply wonderful! 

I'm going to write for two other blogs this month, so keep an eye out for the announcements. 

I'm so excited!

I can't wait!

I've also become a part of a great mastermind group.

It's just three of us and we all do Oracle Readings.

It has amazed me how beneficial it has been to connect with these two other women, who ideally are my competition, but really aren't, because our ideal clients will resonate with us as individuals.

Under Valuing My Self!

That being said, working with my mentors and the women in my mastermind group, has helped me realize why I feel unusually depleted after doing my Personal Insight Readings.

I've been undervaluing my gift and the life-changing potential it has to offer my clients.

So, I'm in the process of fixing up my Personal Insight Reading and also moving into Phase III.

I've known all along that I wanted to include a personalized video with each reading.  

I threw a little impromptu contest on Facebook today and I am really looking forward to testing out the next step in my vision.

The Reading page is in a state of flux and by mid June I'll be set to go with the true Coaching/Tarot package I've been envisioning and creating for the past year!

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