Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kelly Martin

So, the spectacular cover for my cookbook was painted by my cyber-buddy, and blogging colleague, Kelly Martin.

She has had this great blog, Kelly Martin Speaksfor ages.

We first met back during one of my many blogging incarnations.

We lost touch, then found each other again when I started

She has recently had an epiphany regarding her health.

Similar to my wellness discoveries, she has overhauled her lifestyle, eliminated refined sugar and caffeine, and made dramatics shifts in her mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Without further ado, here's Kelly!


Ready meals, convenience foods, this was my staple diet growing up.

My mother didn't like to cook, the exception being on a Sunday when we had a roast dinner or an occasional stew.

I was told healthy food was too expensive and that salads and vegetables were the only healthy food available. So needless to say my body got very used to fatty, greasy, sugar-filled foods and drinks.

Looking back, what a change has taken place.

In November 2012 I had an extremely painful back injury, damage that really made me question my overall health. I wasn't overweight as my partner over the years has introduced me to smaller portion sizes, but I was seriously addicted to sugar and comfort foods.

I was also sometimes having wildly erratic mood swings, hot flashes, hirsuitism (excess hair) and low libido.

I was convinced I was on the road to the menopause and at 36 I was not very happy about this.

So after numerous blood tests and zero confirmation I took things into my own hands and made radical changes to my diet.

The back pain lasted around four months (and still troubles me), but it was so intense that I fell to the floor many a time because of back spasms and I was nervous to go out on my own.

So during physiotherapy treatments and through intense pain by my strong inner guidance, I gave up sugar and a short while later I gave up coffee. All I can say is that my body was ringing alarm bells and fear woke me up to what I had been neglecting to take care of.

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And so began my healthy-living journey. A road to full-body healing and along the way I began to heal my spirit too.

Nearly 4 months sugar free (refined – I have introduced a little, low-GI coconut sugar into my diet when baking), no caffeinated coffee, as I discovered that the anxiety and extreme panic attacks I have been having for two years (during the night) were caused by a sensitivity to caffeine, I now choose to take really good care of my body.

Giving up sugar has given me more than physical health, more energy and a reduction in hot flashes. It has transformed my emotions and my spirit.

Beneath my sugar addiction was a lot of pain, and giving it up allowed me to face that pain, and as I faced that pain, I began to release guilt to do with my father's death and to heal.

Giving up sugar opened me up to changing myself from the inside out, where before I was resistant and blocked to moving forward.

Giving up sugar has been the best decision I have made. I now have more energy and more inspiration than I ever did before. And this once insecure woman is now able to accept and love herself..

This is quite a journey that I highly recommend.

Check out my ongoing insights and healthy-living posts at, Kelly Martin Speaks.

Thank you, Marla, for giving me the opportunity to share and be part of your own healthy-living journey.


You're welcome Kelly!

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It's very important to me that this book get into as many hands as possible.  

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And don't forget to stop by and comment on Kelly's great blog, Kelly Martin Speaks.

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