Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Five Things You Probably Don't Know About Me...

#1.  I dressed up as Edie Sedgewick for Halloween in 1990.  We went to the bar where there was always a costume contest. My brother of another mother, Eric, was Peg Bundy.  He won first place.  I didn't look like Edie Sedgwick at all, but I think I look good and we had fun doing my hair and makeup. (That's our friend Joe on the right.  He's Mae West.)

#2.  I was pretty much born into Rock and Roll.  My mom's, childhood friend's husband, was Roland Janes,  He was a huge part of the creation of the rockabilly sound and a huge part of Sun Records. As a result, my mom's teenaged momentos were a little more rare than most. Ironically, my mother is not a rock fan, just a fan of the stuff from the 50s.  To her, Roland is just her good friend's partner in life, who happened to be a musician, which is how Roland always saw himself.  So, no one ever made a big deal out of that connection.  I discovered my innate love of rock on my own, when I was seven. I grew up listening to classical music and some classic country.

I have Buddy Holly's autograph (Roland got it for my mom ~ at age seven I knew how amazing it was and asked her if I could have it when I was grown) and all the members of INXS (who I got to meet a very long time ago ~ in 1983 on my way home from my piano lesson in Meadville, PA.). I was once only 3 feet from Annie Lennox.  Peter Tork laughed at me when I was making a fool of myself at a Monkees concert in 1986 (hey, you're only 16 once - right?).

I decided I wanted to be in the biz and really put my mind to it long enough to discover I'm not cut out for it.  I positioned myself to be in the right place at the right time when I went moved to Detroit in 1991 (a calculated decision, I was just that serious and knew the biz enough to know that was the place to be). In the process I brushed shoulders with several bands including Soundgarden, Monstermagnet and Mudhoney to name a few.   Also, given the time and place, and thanks to my other brother of another mother (I have very mixed emotions about this part of my life ~ though I did take a lot of great pictures ~ ha!), I hung out with Kid Rock on a few different occasions.  These occasions helped me realize that was a door I didn't want to go through.

My "other brother" also met many people when he was hanging out with the aforementioned rock star.  He had the polar opposite experience to my Peter Tork incident when he pissed off Paul McCartney.  I mean, really.  How do you piss off Paul McCartney?  (Apparently you say something rude about his now, ex-wife ;) )

Incidentally, my sister also has the same knack for running into well known musicians.  One of my favorite memories is a quick phone conversation we had while she was working at a record store.  She ended it by saying "I gotta go.  Winger's here." and hung up.  I still crack up every time I think about it.

And FINALLY! (I swear this is the last one) - she and I both have a knack for getting into shows for free.  At this point in our lives, we've seen more concerts for free than we've paid for.

#3.  I took piano lessons for 10 years. My sister and I used to have to play in an annual recital for our teacher, as well as one with family friends whose kids all played instruments.  We were also expected to play on demand whenever a relative (most of whom played instruments too) wanted to hear us play.  I also play some guitar and the bass.  I  played bass in a band called Trinity that never left the basement, but my "other brother" was sweet to write songs that were easy for me to learn and play.  I got to hear one of them on the radio when he took the song on to his next project.  It was a surprise, I just happened to turn on a show that was showcasing local bands at just the right time while I was driving home.  Very surreal.  I still love to wail on an electric bass whenever I can.

#4.  I love to swim.  I'm an awesome swimmer. I've been in the water since I was a kid, but not much in the last ten years or so.  I learned to swim at the YMCA and even joined the swim team my Senior year in high school.  I like to challenge my Self, but I was not comfortable with my Self at that age and was not comfortable having other people watch me swim.  I learned a lot though and know how to swim like the Olympic swimmers do, just not as fast ;~D

#5.  I graduated from the High School the show Glee is supposed to take place at.  There is no William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. This high school is based on Shawnee High School, where I graduated from.  We moved there when I was a Junior, in 1985.  Hugh Downs graduated from there too.

(Update - (6/15/16) - I have since learned that the high school was not based on any particular school in the Lima area. The show's creator, Ryan Murphy, grew up in Indiana and would drive past Lima, frequently, on his way home. He just liked the name and the idea that it was even more remote than where he grew up.)


Well, there you go!

All kinds of stuff I don't usually tell people.


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