Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How To Allow The Possibilities

This is a long post.

I have something to share.

It's important and I know it will help you, wherever you are on your journey.

This is what I've done, over the years, to position my Self to allow the possibilities.

The Old Victorian

When we lived in that dilapidated,Victorian house, every other month or so Ken and I would save up  enough cash to go to a Motel 6 and spend the night.

That way I could take a hot, relaxing, soak in a clean tub, in solitude and silence.

I couldn't unwind like that in the authentic, footed bathtub at the house.

Even though I new I had just cleaned it, it was still dirty to me, mentally and emotionally, because of the energies I was having to share it with.

These trips to the motel were my sanity.

My chance to fully exhale, relax and spend true, quality time with Ken.

Oh!  And going to the motel also rocked because we could watch cable and it was quiet.

What I didn't realize at the time was what a wonderful process the whole experience was for engaging in something better.

Raising the bar and being present in a more lifted possibility.

The Tiny Apartment

After we moved out of the Victorian, we moved into a small one bedroom and continued the tradition.

Since we now had privacy and our own tub, we stepped it up a bit.  

We would get  a Jacuzzi room at the local Knights Inn whenever the money was there.

We could take our own food, which kept costs to less than $100 for the night.

Cable, a Jacuzzi, a different neighborhood, a totally different vibe because the motel was in a different town.

Sometimes we'd get a secluded room, way off in the back, next to nature.

These are the things we did to lift our vibration out of where we were.

We had our own place, but the neighborhood still wasn't that great.

The Manifested Apartment

Then we moved into a bigger, nicer place, in a better neighborhood.

This is the apartment I manifested.

When we moved in I was finishing my degree and working full time.

It was a whirlwind of about five years that I barely remember.

This new place cradled me and helped me heal because it is so pretty, the architecture is unique,we each have our own space and it is much quieter.

And the trees.

Every window that doesn't face the houses next door looks straight out onto the treetops.

We went back the the Knights Inn a few more times, once we moved in here, but that was mainly so I could use the Jacuzzi to relax during breaks when I was in school.

Anymore, it feels like a step backwards to go there.

One Day, I Remembered...

A couple of years after I finished my degree, I was sitting in my living room taking in my home.

I was looking at the hardwood floors, the big read carpet, the office I've created oodles of projects from.

Then I remembered the plants I had before we got Buddy and Zizzy.

This is when it hit me.

I was doing more than living in an apartment I thought I had manifested by simply driving by and pondering the possibility on a daily basis.

I had started visualizing this apartment when I was in the midst of lifting myself out of a bad situation.

It was when I was in the abusive relationship that I started visualizing, in great detail, how I really wanted my life to be.

It was 1996 and I visualized an apartment with hardwood floors, plants, big red decorative rugs, cats, yoga and me going to school.

I even saw my ex there, which brings me great comfort in finding that you can visualize something, but if it is not for your greatest good the Universe will make arrangements for its exit, if you are willing to participate.

Some Quantum Physics

Quantum theory states that we exist , all at once, in several different possibilities of reality.

Right now the me that is sitting in her private woods with a garden, living a sustainable lifestyle, sharing her abundance with the world, has been notified that I am interested.

I've tapped her on the shoulder and she is reaching out to pull me there.

So, what I have to do is listen to the Universe and be allow my Self to be guided to what I need to do, next, in this reality.

This summer we are fixing up the place.

My landlord finally has a good maintenance man and he has already tended to the "little things" we've been tolerating for so long.

I have also found a new way to lift my Self out of where I am, to be in a better space, emotionally, spiritually,  and physically, to help with the alignment of my spirit and the journey toward the me, living comfortably and sustainably, in the woods.

The me who is properly, financially supported and no longer making do.

For less than the Jacuzzi room, now my new lift is going off to Ann Arbor, MI to visit good friends.

Not only are they where I want to be financially, they are also working on their own businesses, so we're all in the same place mentally too.

And, we all "get" each other, spiritually as well.

I'm also physically lifted, because Ann Arbor is the highest point above sea level in the Midwest.

If you want to understand more about this, check out my interview with Cynthia Sue Larson.

She does an awesome job of explaining the basics of quantum physics.

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