Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I Discovered While Going Without A Car For Six Months

1. People are awesome

All those rides I gave to people when I was the only one with a car, came back to me tenfold.  So awesome. Rides to work and home.  I didn't need the bus at all.  And when I did take the bus, I still ended up with a ride at the end of the day.

2. Owning a car is very stressful

For the last six months I haven't had to deal with concerns about the safety of my car, wondering if that strange noise was going to turn into a crazy car repair.  Even just driving the car is stressful with all that defensive driving (especially where I live).

3. Owning a car is very expensive

I know.  That's a No-Brainer.  But when you go for an extended period of time without the expense of gas, car insurance, upkeep and repairs (I avoid car payments at all costs), it's amazing how much money you suddenly have.

4. The morning rush to work is VERY stressful.

Not having to drive in the morning nuttiness has decreased my stress level incredibly!  So much so that I will be taking the bus to work as much as possible from now on.  I have to leave the house at 6:30am and get to work almost an hour early, but the trade of not having to drive in the morning traffic is worth it to me.  Not to mention using less gas.

5. I could rent this whole house if I didn't have car expenses

It sounds silly, but I was thinking about it one day.  If we took all that money we could rent the downstairs apartment too and have the whole house to ourselves.

6. I'm glad I live on the bus line

Even though I've barely used it, knowing I can walk down to the end of my street and get anywhere I need to go, makes dealing with the stresses that come with NOT having a car so much easier to handle.

7. There's no healthy food in my neighborhood

Yeah.  This made me sad and has made me very fat.  Eating my "I don't have a car!" stress was pretty easy to do with the only local food being found at the Dollar General, Rally's and local carryouts.  We don't eat Rally's so that was easy to deal with, but one of our 3 local carryouts has a kitchen in the back and they cook things like burgers, gyros, fried chicken, ~ they do have salads, but they aren't very good.

Despite all this, most importantly, I discovered that, as much as I hate to admit it, we need our own car.

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