Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You're Not Crazy!

"When you're the only person thinking rationally, in a bad situation, you will literally feel as if you are going insane if you choose to believe that you are the one who is wrong."

I promised a friend I would write this down for her.  She was in the middle of a family dispute and it reminded me of something similar I had gone through.

One of the biggest growing experiences of my life occurred in my mid twenties. When I was able to finally look back on the "bad relationship", I saw many times when I allowed the people around me to push me to believe what was best for me was wrong.  Not to get into great detail, but these were situations that were really "no-brainers" in the "not a good idea" department.  I was in the process of learning to truly respect my Self and this was part of my schooling.

I went through a period of time feeling like I was completely mad because everyone, even the people you would think would know better, like people's parents, were that off base in their life choices.  I had gotten my Self stuck and there I was, the only person wanting to make good choices in the midst of insanely bad ones.

Fortunately, my friend's situation was not as dire, but she was still the only person in a bad situation wanting and willing to make better choices.  This ticked off everyone around her and they went about saying and doing whatever they could to convince her that she was wrong and that she was being irrational and selfish.

This made her feel like I did back those many years ago: like she was losing her mind.

My friend was lucky enough to have me in her life to validate her sane and positive perspective.  I did not have this support as, by this point, I had pushed everyone away who would have been supportive (a major This-is-an-Abusive-Relationship! flag).

Since this was all a part of my Respect-my-Self schooling, the next step for me was to surrender.  This is when I really developed the faith I have in allowing the Universe to do its thing.  This is also when I learned the power of prayer.

I'm sharing all of this today because I know there is someone who needs to read it.

I'm sharing because I am not the only one who has "been there" and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

When you find your Self in a situation like this it is the Universe giving you an opportunity to "show up" for your Self. It's a signal that it's time to "shake things up" and move on from your current circumstances.

Maybe it's as simple as walking away from the lunch room at work when the conversation takes a bad turn.

Or, it could be a signal that it's time to make some life-changing choices.

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