Monday, September 9, 2013

Marla's Personal Journal II

(August 15, 2013)

When I last vented, I didn't realize it, but I was burned out.  That's why it all seemed so dark and dim.

I've actually gotten back into the classes -- added some things, combined some things.

THEN! ~~~ Windows crashed on the notepad - I was backing up - but hadn't had a chance to back up recently -- AND - I was storing and creating video on there too ~~ as well as six blog posts I'd started for September and October.

I'm not real freaked out by it.

I have faith that my tech guy can get the stuff off the notebook.

I'm going to have him juice up the Toshiba and I'll use that specifically for photos and video.

And get another notebook.

This has been a very challenging time for me in regards to my biz.

As my favorite mentor would say, I'm "facing my shit BIG TIME" right now.


- Cleaned/Gutted the apartment of all things unnecessary
- Rearranged/Fung Shuied the heck out of our furniture
- Had the maintenance guy in to fix the HOT issues

Once all that was done -- I was left with:

- My Health/Wellness
- My Finances
- Family Stress

I was avoiding these big issues while being overwhelmed with:

- My Bridge Job
- My Bizness
- Our cluttered and disorganized apartment 

So, once I was free of these three distractions, my big issues came BLARING through.

This is what I've been sitting on and mulling over the last few weeks.  

Kind of dark, kind of lost, lots of insecurities -- Can I really do this?

Making me see the big picture -- Challenging me to declare what I truly want and need.


Leonie Dawson says creating your own biz will put you here and she ain't kidding!

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