Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer Wrap Up!

Oh the drama.

Oh the llama.

When I burn out I get very melodramatic.

But, yes, I was faced with a dilemma regarding the work I've been doing and it forced me to really practice what I preach.

And even though I wasn't ready, the Universe forced me into it.

I let my business go completely this summer.

While you were reading pre-scheduled blog posts, I was nursing two physical injuries and an injured cat.

Every time I started to push myself towards what I had "planned" for the Summer, something would pop up and force me to sit still.

I even took it one step further and unplugged from the Internet for two months as well.

Facebook, Twitter, checking my blog stats, writing blog entries for the Fall, networking with other bloggers ~ all of it! ~ put on hold so I could reconnect with my authentic Self.

It caused a little tension on the home front from time to time, but I healed my body, my home and my spirit (oh! and Buddy too!) during the Summer months.

And now that my annual, one-month adjustment to the behavior school has settled in, I am starting to experience the amazing benefits of this choice. 

The Benefits!

I am more centered, balanced, focused and relaxed.

I am easily adjusting to changes.

I am making better decisions for my Self.

And I am engaged with a flow that has me back to producing some really amazing stuff that I am really proud of.

This has also brought about some major changes you will be seeing around here, visually and content wise.

I am going to be redecorating the page as much as I can.

I am also cutting back my blog posts to six a month.

This is what feels right.

This is what makes me feel light.

This is what lifts me up!

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