Wednesday, September 4, 2013

SCS Disappeared Again?

The astute among you may have noticed that disappeared for a week or so. ;~D

Unlike the first time, it was not my fault.

I was in the midst of getting back to my bridge job when the yearly fee for the domain name was not paid.

This is because I never got a reminder email.

This is because Google changed their billing process and SCS got lost in shuffle.

Which led to receiving several phone calls from their tech department (my issue, not Google's) before finally getting it all straightened out.

Around the time the site disappeared, my Notebook crashed.

The fact that I had failed to back up work from the previous week, left me with having no choice but to truly let go of EVERYTHING I've been doing.

Forcing me to see how I REALLY feel about the direction I've been taking my biz.

Learning to be how I was in the beginning:

~ Open to my higher path
~ More connected with my intuition
~ Doing work which lifts me up and transforms those who run across it.

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