Monday, October 14, 2013

Roasted, Red Pepper Reward

I love the end of Summer. 

I know Fall is right around the corner when I start getting gifted with surplus veggies from the gardens of various friends.

This year I was given a big bag of red peppers.

I gave away four of the peppers and was still left with quite a bounty.

They're so pretty, I had to make them into art ;~D

I started thinking about what I could do with them and the idea that kept returning over and over  is straight from the premise of my cookbook.

I decided I needed to roast ALL of them and freeze them to add depth of flavor to whatever I decide to make over the next few months.

Then I was consumed with the intense need to blog the whole process to expose my uber-wonderfully, fantabulous readers to another option for their own "Sustainable Hubs of Goodness".

I love roasted, red peppers. 

They are fun to make and taste amazing!

First you char the heck out of your peppers.

You don't even need to wash them first because you are going to be removing the charred skin, along with any specks of dirt that may be clinging.

Once blackened, let them cool under a bowl.

All the steam will help loosen the skin, making it much easier to remove.

Once cooled you will scrape off all of the black char from the peppers.

Placing the cooled pepper in a paper towel and wiping off the char, works really well.

Then you can just throw the skin and paper towel away, eliminating a lot of mess.  But you need a really good paper towel for this method, or it turns into a pretty big mess.

Once the skins are removed, slice open the pepper to remove the seeds and pulp.

Scrape off any remaining skin.

NEVER RINSE YOUR PEPPERS!  This removes TONS of flavor.

I took this beautiful batch of peppers (2 of them were orange peppers), and froze them flat in a freezer bag.

They are now part of my "Sustainable Hub of Goodness", waiting to add quick and easy, depth of flavor to many upcoming dishes!

P.S. If you have no idea what a "Sustainable Hub of Goodness" is, then you need to head over here and get your free copy of my eBook, "Eat Well, Be Well: the Art of Sustainable Nourishment".  It's chock full of recipes and ideas for maintaining good health and keeping a sustainable kitchen!
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