Thursday, October 17, 2013

Snickers and Midnight

I love where I live.

Problem is, sometimes we get some real winners for neighbors. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic)

To make a long story short, my new neighbor had his granddaughter and her roommate living with him until they proved themselves worthy of being next week's guests on the Maury Povich Show.

So, he booted them out.


Not too long after the girls left, I started hearing a cat meowing outside just about every night.

This went on for a week when, while waiting for my sister to pick me up, I was greeted by the sweetest little, full black kitten.

He hung out with me until she arrived, then proceeded to follow me to the car.

This is when my sister lept out of the car with a big "Squeeeeee!" and, after much hemming and hawing, checking with neighbors and making sure her boyfriend was on board, she took the kitten home.

Turns out, the kitten belonged to the girls.

They left him there and my neighbor kicked him out of the house too.

As I told my sister, "He will certainly have a longer life with you."

Some people!

My niece promptly named him Midnight, and after a traumatic bath to remove the community of fleas who had made a home on this sweet little love, he has settled right in and is one of the family.


The week after a home was found for Midnight, Ken informed me that the girls also left a dog.

This dog was a stray and had been hanging around when it was a little puppy.

The neighborhood kids were chasing it around one day, which is when the girls took him in.

He would spend time, tied up outside, when no one was home.

Then we noticed that the dog had been outside for over a week.

The fella that lives next door was barely feeding her and she was very neglected.

He said he couldn't call the Dog Warden because he didn't want the girls retaliating.

The dog was very sweet, not your typical street dog.

Very sane and playful.

We spent several hours trying to figure out how we could afford a dog and each scenario ended with not being able to properly care for the dog either.

After a quick call with our landlord (who also owns the house next door), we decided that Ken would call the Dog Warden at work the next day so that hopefully the dog would be gone by the time we got home.

My heart was broken and so was Ken's.

Neither of us slept well that night.

The following morning, I decided to take a chance and asked the teacher I work with if she knew anyone who wanted a dog.

I told her the whole story.

This is when another miracle happened.

She decided to take the dog, if for no other reason than to say that she had not been given up on.

And if she had to be put down, my colleague would do it.

She picked up the dog after work and took her straight to the vet.

She is eight months old and in great health.

She settled right in to her new home and my colleague's daughter promptly named her, Snickers.

Snickers now lives on five acres and has settled in with the two other dogs my colleague already had.

She is still learning where the electric fence is and has had a couple of "puppy" episodes, but other than that, all is well.

These two, sweet, friendly animals went from being neglected in the city to a pampered existence in the suburbs in a little over a week.

Most importantly, I get to see and hear about them whenever I want.

Much easier on the heart ;~D

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