Thursday, December 12, 2013

Create A Blissful Holiday!

Apparently, I'm all about Challenges this Holiday Season.

My last post, I challenged you to look at your time and think about how you would spend it if you didn't have instant access to the Internet while at home.
Today I'm venturing back to last year to challenge you this Holiday Season, as well.


See how much waste you can eliminate this year by sustainably wrapping your gifts.


Be proactive about the Holiday Blues.  If you are one of the millions of people who gets depressed this time or year, check out this post for all sorts of ideas to help lift your spirits during this challenging time.


When it comes to Holiday gift giving, I was even so bold as to suggest that -GASP! - you just don't do it.  Check out this post, then think about it.

So, don't let the Holidays run you.  Remember, you are in charge and what better way to declare this to the Universe than to take your power back from consumerism and put a little bliss back into your Holiday.

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