Friday, December 27, 2013

Sacred Work Space

If you're a regular reader, you might remember this post from the summer of 2012.

I was in the process of setting up a Sacred Space just for working.

It has slowly come together, from the manifested desk chair to the trunks and tables that turned up after purging all sort of unnecessary stuff from our living space.

I've created an environment that I feel completely peaceful in.

As a result, this space is excellent for productivity.

I lose track of time when I sit here and work and I get gobs of work done!

You can feel the energy shift as soon as you walk into the room.

From the crystals and plants, to the totems and pictures of my favorite artists.

This space was made for creation!

And, last but not least, the shelves that house everything I'm researching and working on.

I have widdled my books down to only those that I refer to regularly.

I also keep my oracle cards and my business binders in the same spot, just to keep my biz mojo going.

Funny story about the Iggy Pop picture.  My niece walked into my office and asked me "Why do you have a picture of a scary, big-eyed man in here?"  I got a huge chuckle out of that.

Well, that's it for this year.

Hope your holiday is going well.

See you next year!

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