Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Marla's Personal Journal III

I was working on my Leonie Dawson Life Planner and hit the spot where I was able to just rant and journal about anything in 2013 that I needed to get off my chest. 

Here is what unfolded:

    "I was so damn convinced that the Universal Love of 13, in 2013, was going show itself in profound, jaw dropping ways this year (well, Mandella passing was pretty intense on the Love front).  2013 started with severe overwhelm due to grief from Torie and Sandy Hook.  Even a jaunt to Ann Arbor was not the magic, healing "pill" I'd hoped it would be. Then, I envisioned a summer of creation being my healing medicine, when the Universe stopped me in my tracks with burnout.  Did you know you can burnout from too much good?  yeah.  So the summer was spent focusing on me and I reluctantly let my business go.  Moved a lot of energy in my house, emptied a filing cabinet, created a new filing and storage system, made room for all sorts of good -- but all I can see is the last bits I need to figure out (laundry) -- (even had maintenance in and discovered that my landlord is in WAY over his head - was asked if I wanted to buy the house - Really?  Made me start thinking ) -- But, I suppose this Universal Love of 2013 has been showing itself in my life in a different way.  Self Love.  By committing to my Self, I have created a new system.  Because I choose my spiritual and physical wellness, first, I have created an ongoing current of fullness.  What I give is replenished and I no longer go through bouts of depletion.  As the year has gone on, I've felt more and more empowered.  As I dedicate my Self more towards the empowerment of others, I feel even more lifted.  As I dedicate my Self more towards my spiritual and physical wellness I become more empowered.  The more I focus on keeping my cup filled the more I am able to do and the more the Universe shifts things, so I have what I need for my Self and for others.  It is amazing."


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