Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Setting Intentions for 2014!

No more resolutions.

Just a declaration of what I wanted to create in my life over the next year.

My entire life I have had little "end of year" rituals where I wrap things up and review the past year, so I can enter the New Year fresh and focused.

After writing the manifestation series about how to make intentions a reality, I started thinking of a way I could make a little book, or planner for my readers.

Then, as I mentioned last year, this gem fell in my lap and has changed my life.

It's everything I was envisioning and then some.

Last year I was so focused on my business, I jumped into the Biz Planner and didn't look back.

I was so engaged in my business, I struggled to complete the Life Planner.550x3812

I knew this was a red flag, but I was on a wave I did not want to get off of.

It's no wonder I burned out.

My business was forcing me to pay attention to my Self.

This year, I have completely devoured the Life Planner, first.

And I have scheduled time to complete the Biz Planner.

These planners have changed my life.

They are the most inexpensive way to work with one of my favorite mentors.

Check them out and be prepared for the amazing life you will create.


P.S. If you seek out this amazing resource through the above link, I will receive a small amount of advertising compensation. As always, I only recommend what I have had personal and positive experiences with. Feel free to "enter through another door" by Googling the workbooks.

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