Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shannon Laver

I am so excited!  Today I have a guest writer: Ms. Shannon Laver from Sustain Your Life.  

Regular readers will remember my guest post on her blog from last summer.

You will also recognize her name in regards to the workshop she and I are putting together.

I love her to bits.

She turned my head and showed me how I could transition my cookbook into a more detailed and informative eClass.

We complement each other in really wonderful ways, especially when it comes to the connection between personal and planetary wellness.

She and her family live in the Melbourne, Australia area.

This is why the Internet has been invaluable to our collaboration.  When I'm getting up, she's fast asleep in bed.  And when I go to bed, she's a day ahead of me, running errands and running her biz.

Please, sit back and take in Shannon's wonderful article.

Love and hugs,

P.S.  Be sure to check out the wonderful gift she's made available for followers - a fantastic workshop for living a more sustainable life!

What Does Holistic Health & Sustainable Living Have in Common?

Hello everyone I’m Shannon from Sustain Your Life and I’m writing to you today about what holistic health and sustainable living have in common, plus the awesome rewards one can gain through bringing these two together in life.

First up I’d like to thank Marla for having me in her sacred space today, she is such a blessing and has made me feel very welcome.  It’s been so exciting to connect with like-minded people over the world through living and sharing the sustainable life.

Now let’s get back to this question.

What Does Holistic health & Sustainable living have in Common?

I’m sure many of you here understand the importance of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, but do you know just how much they complement each other, or realise the positive contribution you can make to the greater environment through living in such a way?

If you are already aware and walking the talk, 5 Stars for You!

If you don’t quite see how all this fits together to benefit not only yourself but also the greater environment keep reading, who knows, it could change your life J

First we will look at the basics of holistic health which takes in all aspects of well-being such as:

·         Healthy diet
·         Natural medicine
·         Adequate Sleep
·         Physical exercise
·         Fresh air and sunshine
·         Removing toxins from your life
·         Work/Play balance
·         Stress factors in work and personal life
·         Mindset

Basically, good health lies in overall self care, and when you make sure each of these areas are in check you boost your overall well-being. 

But did you know through taking care of your health, you not only achieve your goals easier, but you can quite literally sustain your life and the greater environment?

A holistic approach to self care reduces contamination from chemicals and waste, reduces the pressure on health care systems and governments, reduces the destruction of nature’s resources and what’s more, it boosts your health to support your life.

This brings me to sustainable living!  

In order to reduce our environmental footprint many of us can make the choice to consume fewer natural resources and to act out of compassion for nature in ways such as-

·         Sustainable purchasing
·         Reducing your energy, water and waste
·         Using natural products
·         Being resourceful (a great skill to have by the way)
·         Donating time or money to an environmental cause (a rewarding contribution too)

All of the above no doubt reduces our footprint and that is what sustainable living is all about, a respect for nature can also come from understanding how dependent our lives are on the natural environment, and how easily human activity can damage this support system.  

So let’s take the time to stop and bring holistic health and sustainable living together for a moment......

By taking a holistic approach to self-care, we can create a sustainable future for ourselves and the environment!

When we all see the relationship between the world and ourselves, then properly care for ourselves, we will care for the world, and when we do what’s best for the world, we benefit ourselves.

Do you see the beauty of it?

 Isn’t it amazing........

We can choose to see reducing our footprint as an opportunity to gain the spiritual and health benefits of a simpler lifestyle.

Still, as individuals, we can’t make massive changes all by ourselves and that’s where Sustain your Life comes in to provide a way to embrace these changes together, as part of a path to a sustainable future where we all benefit!

In each of our lives we have opportunities to make small and large changes to reduce the negative impact we have on the natural world and our immediate environment.  When we make these changes as part of a spiritual practice, they support our growth and contribute to the well-being of all of life.

Many others are moving proactively to care for their well-being and the greater environment, and so can you!

As a gift to Marla’s readers for taking the time to stop and soak in the goodness of living a sustainable life, we are proud to introduce and invite you to our very first....

To make sure it reaches everyone we have made it available free of charge, it’s our way of giving back.

So come, have some fun, and learn how to live a more simple sustainable life.  We will be there every step of the way and did I mention it can save you money!

Okay, that brings me to end of this post.  I must get my hat and coat, give a big hug to Marla and you then say goodbye. I thank you for taking the time today to stop, take an interest in holistic health and sustainable living, and be a part of Marla’s world.  Hopefully it’s the seed that transforms your life for the better.

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