Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Embracing Self Worth

The last few weeks I've been in total concert with the Universe and it's been lovely (and productive ;~D).

It's that whole "making your intentions clear" philosophy in action.

My life is aligning with my inner desires.

My choices are reflecting what I truly want.

My homing beacon is on and what I need is appearing exactly when I need it.

I returned to work, after an extended Winter Break, knowing exactly what needed to be changed in order to accommodate the life I truly desire and deserve.

For months I had some, what I assumed were age related, health issues that literally disappeared when I started my two week break from work.  I knew right then and there that it was stress and that the extra pay I was receiving did not reflect the level of the stress I was enduring.  A change needed to be made.


I knew that I would have no problem asking my boss to reduce the time I was subbing so I could spend more time in one classroom and only sub for the teachers I worked with daily.  I had been moved to a different grade level before break and I wanted to spend more time with my new class so I could do my job properly and not have so much stress.

What I didn't know was that I had been temporarily moved back to my original classroom, with the teacher I'd been working with for years, one of my dearest friends and one of my biggest cheer leaders.

I missed the email because I was not at work and really like how productive I've been, not having internet in my home right now.

There I was with a new possibility involving where I really wanted to be, and,  if put into action, it would make EVERYONE'S lives (students, teachers, administrators, parents and mine) MUCH easier.

But, I felt obligated to my new students to at least give my original idea of only subbing for their teachers, a shot.

Then, when I least expected it, I got my signal that I needed to listen to my gut and follow through with what I knew was the right thing to do for everyone and emailed my boss immediately.

She was 100 percent for the idea and thanked me for my honesty.

How about that?

I cut my stress level by at least 30%, if not more, because I'm back with the age group I really want to be with and working with an amazing teacher who I'm literally telepathic with, because we've been working together for so long.

And all I did was listen to my gut and do what was best for me.


Embrace it!

Love and hugs,

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