Thursday, February 27, 2014

Where Did The Comments Go?

Just popping in to explain a change in the blog.

I decided to address it and then this song popped in my head as I was making the photo for this post.

Ha!  That got me giggling and I had to share the giggle with you.

(A side note: For my sanity, I post my entries at least a month in advance, if not more.  The morning after I scheduled this post, I found out that Pete Seeger had passed away during the night..  Talk about Divine Order!  Kismet? Whatever.  I'm just sayin' ;~D )

All silliness aside, I have turned off the comments.

I seem to get more interaction from people on Facebook and Twitter, simply because it is so much easier.

I sooooooo totally get that.

And, to be honest, all I've been getting lately is spam that I just delete.

I also get a lot of marketing posts.


All I'm saying is this: I'm making my life easier, and yours as well.

Connect with me on Facebook and Twitter where we'll continue the conversation.

I promise, it's a lot more fun ;~D

Love and hugs,

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