Thursday, March 27, 2014

Acknowledge The Positive

I got together with a girlfriend I hadn't seen in over 15 years a while back.

We sat in a coffee house, down the street from my apartment and shared the life highlights since the last time we had a chance to really talk.

It was surreal and fun.

I wasn't nervous, I was more concerned, wondering if she would recognize me.  I've put on a good amount of weight since we had last seen each other.

We laughed because we really haven't changed much at all, our hair's greyer, I'm rounder and she's waaaaaaay happier than I've ever seen her (the result of a much needed divorce ;~D ).

I commented that I've come to realize that I'm not going to be able to really shake this weight until I leave my day job.

It is extremely stressful.  So stressful that it was causing me to have panic attacks at one point in time.

As a result I've made peace with the fact that stress hormones are playing a huge role in my challenges.

She's a nurse and immediately said, "Gotta manage that stress."

At the same time, she said,"I should talk!" and I said "I at least do yoga and meditate."

Then, at the same time, we both said, "Makes you wonder how bad we'd be if we didn't do what we do?!"

I had commented to her earlier that there was "a lot of muscle under there, so I'm not dealing with any knee issues from carrying my carriage."

And I recalled having the same revelation with another friend, earlier in the week, when we were discussing how we do actually eat well the majority of the time.

This got me to thinking about how, as women, we can be so critical of our Selves; forgetting all of the good things we do for our Selves and our families.

Which brings me to my request:

Take some time this week to think about the positive things you are doing for your Self.

Write them down, pat your Self on the back and say "Thank you".

Love and hugs,

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