Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Three Years!

Has it really been another year?

I honestly can not believe it.

I know time flies as we get older, but seriously, it seems like I did an anniversary wrap up just the other day.

So - Hooray!  Another milestone, but this year I'm going to call it what it truly is, year four, with three years at SacredCyberSpace.com.  Yeah. I'm learning to truly own my achievements ;~D

The past year is, honestly, a total blur to me.

I spent most of it either unknowingly burned out, or recovering from said burnout.

But, even in the midst of all that, I feel like I really got this "blogging thing" down.

I was also able to birth a couple of dreams, which is always a good thing.

And (I know, if you're a regular reader you're probably sick of hearing this, but it's true, so...) I also really committed to turning this all into something that will reach and help a lot of women, as well as create a livelihood for my Self.


March, April, May and June.

Four months where I can honestly say that I was not well, I just didn't realize it because I was so stressed from grief, a stressful day job and finishing my cookbook.

I was also taking in gobs and gobs of amazing new business information that opened me up to a whole new level, a new way of looking at things and also led to doubting everything I had been doing up to that point.

I made some promotional videos, took some promotional photos, outlined some ideas that came my way and headed into my Summer of 2013 Healing Hiatus.

I unplugged from all technology the entire months of July and August, extending my break from Facebook and Twitter all the way to January of this year.

Not only did I disappear, SacredCyberSpace.com disappeared again, as well.  I found this quite humorous, like the web space felt like a neglected child and sought attention by running away ;~D

It worked itself out and I spent the summer healing, getting centered and getting my foundation back.

September and October flew right by, but not without releasing one of the many ideas to flood my mind before I took my break.

This workshop is designed to take no more than five minutes of your time, once a day, for seven days.  At the end, you will be left with seven actions you can take to bring joy into your life.

By November, I'd settled into my new blogging pace and started thinking more about all of the great classes and programs I wanted to finish.  But, something was missing.  I needed more guidance than I was getting through the free webinars and telesummits that had changed my biz focus.

Ken and I agreed to use our own money so I could work more closely with my favorite coach and I have to say that this is when everything really started to change and come into focus.  (If you choose to work with this amazing woman after clicking on the previous link, I will share in the financial abundance she receives from you; her way of thanking me for connecting you with her. I only recommend products and services I have personally had a positive and enriching experience with. Feel free to "enter through another door" by Googling her stellar Academy.)

DecemberJanuary and February have been all about fine tuning my message, sprucing up my web presence, eliminating what hasn't been working and getting the second incarnation of my cookbook out to the world as my first eClass.  With the inspiration and motivation of my online colleague, Shannon Laver, I'm creating a class that will benefit and empower all women by teaching them to have more power over their resources.

Shannon is also doing the same and we will be releasing our classes together, through a workshop, that will debut sometime this month.


That's it.  Another year.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for your support :)

Love and hugs,

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