Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Written Up

Wow!  Talk about theme week.  I have two clients who made work decisions, which were best for them, knowing full well they could be "written up".

Oh how the gossip spread when my first client was brutally honest with a coworker in front of the boss.  It was pretty simple.  She had done everything she could to make the situation better, and in a private meeting she let her colleague know exactly what she thought of him and why.

"Hey, at least it was in front of the boss.  What's the worst that can happen?  I get written up and behave myself for the next 90 days."

I have another client who made the decision not to walk to work in the middle of a snow storm and sub zero temperatures. He made the decision knowing that it would not only lead to being a day short on his pay check, he also knew he could very well get written up for the choice.

It was tough, but he chose the write up and a days lost wages over an injury and months of lost wages, or worse.

He said the same thing.  "If I get written up, I just have to keep my nose clean for the next 90 days.  A worthwhile trade."

These two situations are great examples of the best choice for us not always being the "right" choice for everyone in the situation.

Learning to stand up for and value our Selves does not mean that life will be smooth sailing.  Doing what is best for our Selves will often lead to conflict.  Not going along with what is expected, whether it be a work or societal expectation, will ruffle the feathers of those who choose to play along.

Which is just fine.

And everything turned out OK.

No one was written up and the client who had to make the bad weather choice only has to deal with making up a deficit in his sick time.

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

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