Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Spring Gathering

I had a wave of inspiration.

I was being guided to have a dinner party to get my local friends out after The Polar Freeze.

I researched frugal and tasty, main dishes and settled on jambalaya.

Then set up a Facebook invite and a spot at to organize the feast.

I was excited and so was everyone else.

Then my day job started becoming more intense than I'd ever experienced.

The energy I'd had when I organized the get together was gone.

Not to mention the money I needed - thanks to two more, perfectly timed snow days.


Everyone was notified that I had to cancel.  And everyone was OK with that.

Then, a week or so later, Ken and I realized we had a good friend we hadn't seen in a couple of weeks.

I had it in me to cook an easy dinner from my cookbook (soon to be eClass) and invited him over for dinner.

VOILA!  Chicken, Coleslaw and Oven Fries...

It takes 45 minutes to make really good oven fries and in that time I made the coleslaw and pan fried the chicken.

I had also made some green tea with mint to drink with dinner.

It was totally relaxed, enjoyable and casual.

We sat in the living room, ate dinner and watched a movie.

Not Surprisingly...

Of course, the weekend of the cancelled dinner I found out that one of my friends had the flu, another threw out his back and a third got called into work.

So, the only person who would have been able to make it was the buddy we invited over for a super-casual, fried chicken dinner.

See what I mean?

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Love and hugs,

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