Monday, April 21, 2014

Class Update...

Just popping in to share that Shannon and I are giving ourselves permission to be realistic.

The challenge of being on opposite sides of the world is giving us a bit of a hiccup to deal with.

She is getting her children ready to go back to school and I am finishing up the school year.

We are both starting our businesses from scratch, where we are, with what we have.

Sometimes that means life gets in the way, especially since we aren't at the place where we would have a nice support staff.

That's what we're working towards and to get there we're having to spend some time doing EVERYTHING ourselves.

Since Shannon's focused more on container gardening to complement a sustainable kitchen, we also realize that we could release this any time of year and you would still benefit from it. ;~D

The good news is that the deadlines and support we've been giving each other has already led to creating a lot of wonderful stuff.

So, we both know it's unfolding exactly as it should and will be finished when it's meant to be finished.




Love and hugs,

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