Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's OK To Be Taken Care Of

Sounds kind of weird coming from a women's empowerment coach.  I know, but please hear me out...

I've spent a lot of time changing my thinking and choices regarding my relationship.

I am very happy with my partner and he is very happy with me.  We enjoy each other's company.  There is a great deal of mutual admiration and respect.  But, due to a lot of family programming, we have both lived lives with very little money.

Our prosperity consciousness is quite open.  We never want for anything.  We always have everything we need, and more. I'm constantly giving things away that I don't need. But, when it comes to saving, debt, all that stuff, we have always seemed to struggle.

I've meditated on this for years.  Over time we've learned to manage what we have more wisely, but increasing what we have is our current challenge.

Not too long ago, as I was falling asleep, I heard this phrase pop into my head:

"It's OK to be taken care of."

Suddenly, my role in changing things became very clear.

I had to move on from this "me against the world/ it's all me" mentality.

I had to accept Ken's need to care for me.

Please don't confuse this with someone taking care of you without providing for yourself.

I'm saying that, men and women are innately different in so many ways, other than the obvious.

It wasn't until I truly honored Ken's innate need to care for me that our financial prosperity started to shift.

I had to surrender my perceptions of what it meant to be a responsible, empowered woman, because in my quest to achieve this ideal I was negating his role in our life together.

Unintentionally negating my partner's innate need to provide, blocked his potential from manifesting in our union.

I'm not saying that it's raining money now.

I'm saying that the foundation is getting stronger because we are both more fulfilled, in general, and our businesses are beginning to reflect this.

We feel more in control of our finances, and have more confidence in our ability to create money on our own.

I just had to share this because I know I'm not the only woman who has been/is doing this.

It seems only natural to me that this can happen, especially in our quests not to be reliant on our partners.

Smart women know they need to take care of themselves, first.

Check and be sure you haven't overlooked your partner's role, as well.


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