Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Cleaning 9-1-1

Wow!  What a winter that was!.

I was surprisingly productive during the deep freeze, but only if it involved being able to stay snuggled under blankets.

So ~ Yup! You guessed it.  My home got messy.

I know.  I know exactly what can happen when you make room for what you need.

I know that the more you give away, the richer you are.

I just get overwhelmed and forget how easy it is to tend to the basics, especially if it means getting out from under a pile of warm blankets ;~D

The little daily things that I resist, which, ironically are the least stressful way to consciously keep my home in a state of creation.


I was in desperate need of an outlook change.

One day, on a whim, I checked out some of the blogs suggested for me, by Bloglovin'.

I added a few to my feed and soon found these blogs helping me to regain my focus. - Has done wonders for my perspective.  All sorts of wonderful ideas - doesn't matter where you live.  Government subsidized, borderline slumlord (like me, Ken and the kitties), cookie cutter apartment communities or super-amazing, pricey condos and lofts.  Each space equally as inspiring as the next.  Redos, DIYs, home tours.  It never stops. - This is the blog that has lifted me the most.  An inspiring blog run by two sisters.  They just recently bought their own house/studio where they can blog all of their DIY projects, home redo ideas and recipes, as well as working on their books, classes and photo shoots.  So much about this blog has rekindled my spirit.  My biz spirit.  My home spirit.  My creative spirit.  Pushed me to get to know my new camera and start taking pictures again. (You'll see posts from this blog on from time to time.) - Oh how my perspective changed when I started reading this blog.  Not so much about my clutter, but about the projects I have in mind to spruce up our space.  To refurbish our furniture.  To spruce up our walls (thanks to all of these blogs, I'm remembering the uplifting lightness of simple, clean, white walls - totally frugal as well). The projects I have in mind for our furniture and space seem much more doable, because the posts on this blog really let you know what you're getting yourself into, before you dive into a project.

Of course, being able to open the porch door and let in some fresh air and sunlight has helped too.

OK, then.  If you're digging yourself out from the icy haze, check out these great blogs and clear your vision.

And - Here's to shaking off that crazy winter and preparing the "soil" of our homes so we can start planting and creating those dreams.

Love and hugs,

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