Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Had To Be Done

Right before Spring Break, my day job had become so stressful it was affecting my brain function.

Well, not just mine.

It was affecting the entire staff.

Prime example: I saw a man I've been working with, daily, for almost 5 years now.  He said hello and I could not remember his name.  Well, I was aware that I knew it, I just couldn't connect it with my mouth to form the words.

I laughed and shared that with him, in so many words.  He laughed back because he completely understood.  "I'm right there with ya!"

When I got home that night, I made the choice to invest in my Self.

Something I'm still trying to get comfortable with.

I knew I needed outside help to "shake out" my brain and "snap it back" to normal.  And I knew exactly where I needed to go.

I was already online doing some social networking, so I decided to head over to KellyHowell.com and check out her brain healing meditations.

I have been using her meditations since 1992, listening to cassettes on my Sony Walkman.

These days, I can easily download the MP3s directly to my computer and they are much more affordable.

A sense of empowerment came over me and I could feel the healing beginning as I checked out which meditations would be best for me.

An investment in myself that has more than paid for itself.

Incidentally, a week later I saw the same coworker pacing back and forth in the hallway.  His classroom is downstairs, so this was a little odd.  When I got his attention he said, "I have absolutely no idea why I'm up here!"


It does astounding things ;~D

P.S.  If you choose to purchase Kelly Howell's fantastic meditations after clicking on the above link, I will receive a small amount of advertising compensation from that purchase.  As I stated above, I have been using her meditations since 1992. They have been life-changing for me and have been a part of my spiritual foundation just as long.  I only recommend products and services I have personally had a positive and enriching experience with.  Feel free to "enter through another door" by Googling: "Kelly Howell".
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